Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nickle Bin Find

I LOVE the 5 cent bin at our local thrift shop--the small bin full of broken bits and pieces of jewelry. The ladies all know me there. My kids know that whenever they go there, mom will pour through that bin to find any and all treasures. They are usually very patient, and I need to remember to reward them accordingly (like a piece of gum to chew while waiting, for example). It's somehow therapeutic to paw through bits and pieces of jewelry things to find those few treasures lurking near the bottom of the bin. Lately there has been nothing--only zillions of postage-stamps-stuck-on-paper pins, knitted support-the-local-high-school bracelets, and plastic jewelry pieces. Yesterday, I found these. I was so excited...finally some small treasures. They are obviously from an old, broken necklace or bracelet and measure about 3/8" at their widest. They are the daintiest of milky-white glass flowers with orange centers. I'm looking forward to creating with these little gems. And an added blessing in this? I expected to pay a nickle for each flower, but the lady gave them ALL to me for 5 cents! I love the nickle bin.


Pauline said...

Michele, that's a lovely find :o) Looking forward to see what you do with them :o)

Raspberries and Rose Petals said...

What a great find! Lucky girl!


Kelly said...

Wow what an amazing find! Oh the things I could do with those! XD