Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Goodbye, Dear Gram, for Now

An intestinal flu. Weakness and falling. Hospital stay with improvement. Nursing home for rehab. Quick decline with confusion, pain, pneumonia, and more pain. Difficult past weekend. Back to hospital with amazing pain. Short time of intense suffering than all is quiet. All in 10 days. It's amazing how quickly one's life can be over. Yes, she was old. Yes, we knew it would happen some day not too long down the line, but it is always hard when someone passes away. However, in 1975 at a little Baptist church, a message was preached about God's Great White Throne judgement---the judgment on all who had never admitted they were sinners, realized there is a penalty for sin, believed there is a Redeemer (Jesus Christ), and prayed seeking repentance for sin and asking Him to be Lord and Saviour--and Gram made sure she was on the way to heaven that day long ago by admitting and repenting, believing and praying. She did not want to be at that judgment and wanted to be sure her name was written in the Book of Life. Her mind wasn't clear enough to make that decision at the end. What if she had decided to wait, to put off that decision? It all happened so fast. She was in too much pain. Her decision many years ago determined her eternal destiny on Monday. Her soul stepped out of her ailing body into the presence of the Lord. Though we are grieving so right now, we are comforted with the peace that she is there in heaven and know we will see her again someday.


Crystal Velvet said...

So sorry to hear your sad news. Wishing you many happy memories.
Such a comfort knowing she's in the arms of her father

Pauline said...

Dear Michele, i'm so sorry to read of the passing of your grandmother. It never easy to say goodbye, but as you've said, you know that she is safely with the Lord, because of her decision all those years ago. God be with you and your family, dear sister-in-Christ.