Sunday, October 10, 2010

Been on a Stay-cation!

I've been sort of "out of commission" this past week. Hubby has had the past week we took a week off from homeschooling (hey, we've been doing it since the middle of August--it was time for a break!). With very little money in the 'ol checking account, we have been on a "stay-cation". The Lord blessed us with a beautiful week--the weather could not have been more perfect for Wisconsin in October. It has been warm and clear and sunny all week long! We're so thankful. We took day jaunts to state parks to look at foliage...had picnics...went fishing (didn't catch anything so ended up at McDonald's for a Filet-O-Fish instead)...went canoeing...went hiking...did some things around the house...visited family...and yesterday went to a wedding.
It was a beautiful day for a wedding. My husband's cousin got married. She had fall colors for her theme, and it was held under a leaf-garland arbor. The long, formal dresses were burnt copper and burnt sienna in color, and the bride worn an off white color which went well with the scheme. I loved the red-tipped yellow roses for the flowers. Lovely! By the way...when did it become vogue for people to attend a wedding in jeans and/or shorts and/or flip flops??? I always thought we were to go to weddings in dress up clothes. We dressed in our Sunday fineries, and I'm glad we did. Enough of this casual stuff! Anyway, after the ceremony, which was outside, a little cloud came up in the blue sky from which came a bit of rain and a beautiful rainbow....this in an almost totally clear sky! It was amazing and beautiful!
I've done a little bit of creating--not much, though. I thought my mind and hands needed rest and rejuvenation. It felt strange to just sit while riding to our destinations this past week. I ALWAYS am working on something in the car. However, it think it was good for me to take a complete break. I feel more ready to work on things now and am eager to get going on some projects I have laid out. That will come once we're on a regular schedule again and when homeschool starts up again (the kids work...and I work).

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Sherry said...

We just returned from a trip to Wisconsin and we enjoyed beautiful weather. We had a little stay cation at our daughters house. We did drive down to lake Michigan one day and the grandkids thought they were at the ocean. I also have not done much in the way of projects or blogging. I think I am ready to get back to it.