Monday, July 19, 2010

Posting Once Again

Well, I'm happy to say that we are back and up and running again. We now have a new computer. I'm not sure how much of our information is gone from our old computer, but we will have to wait to assess that at a later date when my brother-in-law gets a chance to check things out. We are slowing figuring out how to move about on here and process pictures and such--we haven't arrived yet, but we're getting there. It is good to be back.

We had a wonderful time in South Dakota. We went on a very tight budget and stayed at camping cabins instead of hotels. We were going to tent--and I'm so glad we didn't since it rained--reallllly rained---a few times. We would have been quite wet to say the least. We brought most of our food and tried to spend money only on necessities. We had great weather otherwise and a super time. It will be a memorable time especially for our kids.
We saw plenty of prairie flowers--bluebells, roses, and thistles. They were just beautiful.
We survived a mountain hail storm--our car got dented up pretty badly...but I'm thankful the windshield didn't break.
We saw buffalo at Custer State Park--up close and personal (notice the car window is up!). It is a gorgeous park with lots of wildlife and well worth the visit. We also saw sweet mountain blue birds.
We drove the breathtaking Needles Highway (us and a lot of motorcycles). It truly was an incredible drive with tunnels through rocks and amazing vistas.

Then, of course, we saw Mt. Rushmore. We did plenty of hiking around the park and went back at night for the evening session which paid tribute to America and its servicemen/women and veterans. It was great and a fun and relaxing time!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!!
Love the photos....
Have a Great Week!!