Thursday, June 10, 2010

Press Kits for Artistic Affaire Les Sirenes

I've been neglecting my posting lately...but have finished and sent off my five-press-kits contribution to the Lollishops pool of press kits for the Artistic Affair Les Sirenes event coming up in California on July 15-17. You may read all about this even on Kim's lovely Weblog--Artistic Bliss. It certainly looks like a grand and enchanting event indeed! The theme has a Victorian beach, romantic ocean look and feel, so I wanted my press kits to carry on with that theme.
I found a beautiful vintage image of Victorian ladies strolling by the sea (loved the palm trees!) to make some pins out of (complete with a little glitter),
and I stitched some zipper clips on turquoise backgrounds with pearly light pink "star fish", an iridescent scallop shell, and, of course, "sand" made by stitching on sparkling golden brown beads.
The netting for these are actually hair nets. I saw a container full of them for sale at an Amish grocery store and was instantly inspired. They looked like old fishing nets to me. I thought the idea of having my things "captured" on the net would be a fun idea. Since I have plenty of sea glass from visits to Maine, I glued some pieces on for extra interest and color.
I glued a simple ivory backing onto the back of the light pink board used for the front to cover up the glue work and neaten up the back then put my business card in the baggie. I kept the bow on the top--a gold organza--simple so that they eye would be drawn to the work below and not onto the top.
I was thinking this would be a good idea for a romantic ocean themed invitation or place card...just something to keep in mind if you needed an idea. You could also put little shells onto the net too.

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