Monday, March 15, 2010

Finding New Blogs to Visit...

I've lately discovered a few new blogs to visit regularly (as time permits, of course). There is certainly not a lack of creative people with beautiful ideas! I love doing swaps...but need to space them out and be choosy due to expenses and time and such. I joined Jenny's Petite Basket Swap (which is unfortunately closed now) and am having fun collecting tiny treasures for this swap (more on this on another post). Jenny of Fated Follies has a beautiful blog and is definitely visit worthy.

Also, Robin's Egg Blues is full of pretty buttons and lots of sparkles--beautiful blog! There is also a giveaway (see picture on the side bar if you'd like to enter) full of gorgeous things.

Ah, so many pretty little time...but worth the time when spent!


Anonymous said...

WOW...I will definitely check them out!!
Have a Wonderful Week!

TinyBear said...

Sounds like a fun swap Michele - wish I had seen it in time - I love swaps too and have a few exciting ones coming up too.
Wishing you a wonderful week too.
~ Tina

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hey Michelle. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment today. I love both Fated Follies and Robin's Egg Blues! It's so hard to find time to create myself because I get caught up in enjoying what everybody else is doing. Hee-hee. I just love all the sparklies on your blog! The jeweled bottles are gorgeous!!!

Hugs...Tracy :)