Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy Birthday Weekend

I'm thankful to have had a fabulous past few days. Last Wednesday, Mom and I went to a very fun estate sale where among other things (another post perhaps), I got this clear box full of trim. The items in the sale were from all over the world, and I can't help thinking that some of this trim was from afar. Some pieces are quite old...others not so. I was compelled to get it, so I did--couldn't resist.

Friday was my birthday, and I was super spoiled by my family that day with out to breakfast, time in Amish country, a trip to an antique store to get some fun sparkly goodies, and a nice evening of mini-golf and out to dinner with my husband, children, parents, and grandmother--oh, with a lemon cake afterward. I received lots of nice "tea" things including an Alice in Wonderland tea tower full of different kinds of yummy teas, a teapot napkin holder that Dad found in Amish country, and a much needed tea kettle from hubby and the kids complete with fruit on it. Was I spoiled!
Yesterday, Mom and I got up early and went to another estate sale and then to the annual bead show in Madison. My feet were hurting terribly by the end of the day after standing in so many lines all day, but it was all worth it and great fun. I bought some beads I have been looking for months in colors I haven't been able to find easily, so I'm a happy camper. There is so much creating now to do. I'm eager to start up again in earnest!

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Paulina said...

A very Happy Belated Birthday, Michele. Sounds like you had a lovely one's so nice to be spoit every now and then. Enjoy your lovely prezzies too :o)

God bless you.