Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sorting Buttons

So, what do I do when there are many things to do and I don't want to do them? I sit down and sort my buttons, of course! This satisfying form of deviation from all necessary work is highly recommended. I'm not totally sure what came over me. Perhaps it was the fact that I had some buttons that needed to be put away. Perhaps it was because I found some very pretty ones and wanted to look at and handle them a little longer. Whatever the case, I made a huge mess on our rug putting the buttons in colorful piles and admiring the ones I found to be especially pretty--ones with rhinestones, that are made of shell, that have little flowers on them, that are in the shapes of hearts and know. I put all of my special pretties (see the plate above) in their own bag for future use as inspiration strikes. I'd love to tell you that I put all of the sorted buttons in sparkling crystal canisters for display on an upper shelf in my studio...but I don't have such pretty canisters and no studio. So, into the Ziploc bags and up on our closet shelf they went. I can confidently say now, though, for all who by chance would come through my doors for a visit and ask me (no doubt the first thing you would ask anyone you visit) that, yes, I have neatly sorted buttons.


Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

That is so cute!! My mom always had her buttons "sorted" and I feel guilty when I find them all over. One day,I made it my mission to find buttons and put them into a glass jar...of course so many were in those little envelopes that come with clothing...but I opened them, too! Now, when I see one -right into the jar...I also love to look through them! Therapy!

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Michele, you are so cool. I love Buttons and that's what I been working with all day. My buttons. It has taken 38 years but I now have a nice sewing room. All of the milk glass that I treasure and collect is in there. Now I have a use for my milk glass. Each piece holds something special. Today, I went over to Lavender Shoppe, I cam home with a beautiful milk glass small dish. I also bought some little amber tear drop jewles. They are in the dish. I will use them to wrap packages with. When I was a little girl I use to sit at my grandmother sewing machine (which I have) for hours and string buttons. It would be fun to do an exchange with you sometime. Something with buttons.