Sunday, August 2, 2009

Now Shipping to Select International Locations...

...thanks to Marie! You know sometimes I just need a good swift kick to get me motivated on something. I had been thinking for several months now about adding some shipping destinations to certain international countries in my Etsy shop and increasing them in my Lollishops shop. I can be such a procrastinator! Then in a separate post dear Marie from the UK kindly pointed out the fact that on Etsy I only ship to US addresses. Well, that was the kick that I needed to be wiser, update my shop, and make my things available internationally (NOT so that Marie or anyone else in particular will purchase). I've added several countries that I now ship to in both of my shops. Thanks, Marie! And...speaking of Marie...have you visited her blog, Blossom Time Creations, or her Etsy shop? She is extremely talented, and her artwork is adorable in every way.

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