Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Roses in Full Profusion!

I love opening the windows this time of year and smelling the heady mix of roses. Can't beat it! When I hang out our laundry, the large rose bush around the corner from our clothes line sends such a strong perfume on the breeze that it actually makes the task enjoyable. It has been a difficult spring for my rose bushes. It seemed that there were an exceptionally large amount of tent caterpillars this year. Of course, they make those nasty nests in everything (it was a constant work to keep them off our cherry tree and other bush out front of our house), but when they hatch they are everywhere...just everywhere...voraciously eating everything living and green in sight! My tender rose leaves must have been especially tasty to them, because it was a constant battle to keep them off. One rose bush was too small and weak to make it, sadly enough. However, with constant care, the others seem to have made it. Now we must work on strengthening them with some good growth before Japanese beetle (what they are called around here, I believe a "rose beetle" is also a name for them) season arrives in the next few weeks. Roses are certainly time consuming and finicky but worth every moment!


Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing your beautiful roses. I especially love the last photo you posted. A clothes line?! Lucky you! I haven't seen one of those since I was a child but there is nothing better in the world than climbing into a bed with clean crisp linens fresh off the line!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Michelle; Oh how I miss my yellow rose bush, it did not make it though the winter, I was so upset. I am going to have to find some more. I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful roses.... I love their sent as well.. have a great week.


the wild raspberry said...

gorgeous roses...i love them but only plant the un-fussy ones. have to be tough around my garden :)
have a lovely day.