Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Button Swap Exchange

You never know quite what you're getting into when you participate in a swap. Someday I think I'll host one, perhaps this fall. Anyway, I participated in the Button Swap hosted by Wondermommy (see below to go to her site). I poured though my huge bag of buttons and found a particularly pretty one and put buttons with it in coordinating colors and interesting shapes. Then I made a button as an extra special gift. (See picture above) Truly if I weren't doing beads I would probably do something with buttons. Buttons have so many characteristics and can be absolutely gorgeous. I particularly like unusual ones, shell ones, ones of unusual shapes, and anything floral and pretty. So, I sent the tiny button package out with a little note about myself (as was required by the swap rules) about loving the Lord and being a homeschooling Mom etc. and so forth. Then I waited...and waited...and figured I wouldn't get the swap back.
Then...a small package came...but in the same exact boxes that I had sent. I thought, "Oh, no, she didn't like the note and/or the buttons I sent and has sent my swap back!" But that was not it at all. I got a lovely set of buttons (really like the strawberry one and the purple jeweled one) and a sweet note from Kess who is 13 and has a hobby of button collecting (over 900 at this point!). Shame on me for not thinking rightly! Though my swap partner is a young girl--not at all what I had expected--I think perhaps we my have some more button swaps between us (Kess asked me if I'd like to!) in the future, and I'm already thinking of the next little box of buttons I'm going to send the same exact boxes of course!

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The American Homemaker said...

That sounds like it was a fun swap. I really enjoy the suspense of what is coming. I've only had one swap where I was disappointed. The rest I have absolutely loved :)