Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Victoria Magazine's Blue and White Issue

I was looking forward to Victoria magazine's "Blue and White" issue, not necessarily because I have a great love of blue and white but because it really can be stunning and I know Victoria always does a great job with it. They displayed beautiful pictures of teacups (lovely) and other things in gorgeous shades of the two colors. The shades they chose this year are a creamy white and a light blue--almost a periwinkle. Lovely! I've decided in honor of that article to give you a few pictures of MY blue and whites for the month. I have already given pictures last year of my blue and white bathroom (blue and cream actually). The toile you see here is an up-close picture of my shower curtain. I just had to have a toile shower curtain and found this one on eBay. I'm so pleased with it.
I also changed the pictures in my bathroom to the chair pictures you see here. They fit into the old gold, blue, and creamy white theme in my bathroom, and since there were found at a yard sale, the price was right. I know they are more appropriate in a dining room, but I thought they were a nice, albeit tongue-in-cheek, addition to the wall above the toilet.
And lastly, in honor of the periwinkle color of the items in Victoria magazine, I've included a picture of the Forget-Me-Not's blooming in my garden right now. I just love Forget-Me-Nots. They remind me of my grandmother and the garden she had when she lived in her house. She always had these flowers scattered about. I think they are sweet, lovely flowers in every way.

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