Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pretty Seed Pictures in Romantic Country Magazine

The most recent issue of Romantic Country magazine (which was again a pure visual delight in it's entirety) had a "Special Section" featuring pictures from old seed catalogs. The pictures are just lovely! For one thing, I have great respect for anyone who can draw or paint in exquisite detail. Secondly, I just love flowers. So, this section was a delight. I have representations of seed catalogs/packets around my home including a set of four small plates on one wall--two of which are seen here. The plate rack is in our hallway and hard to take a picture of, so I couldn't get a good picture of all the plates. I also have the Scott's Roses poster in my laundry room. You've seen it before in another post, but I thought I'd include it again since we were on the subject and since I like the poster so much. Also...another thing....I am very BIG on how things look...the packaging of a product is of utmost importance to me especially if it is a gift. If something doesn't look good, I don't buy it. Unless it is for my immediate family's utilitarian needs, I will always buy something if offered the choice, thought it may be a little more expensive, with the pretty packaging. With this in mind, I used to own a gift basket business (maybe more on that another day) and used Renee's Garden seed packets exclusively because they were so beautiful. The artwork whether for veggies, fruit, herbs, or flowers is gorgeous. The packets were slightly more costly than other seeds, but were much more presentable as a gift than any other seeds I could find (not to mention quality seeds). So, if you were to give someone some seeds for a gift, I would highly recommend Renee's Seeds (sold either on her site or at finer green houses), a few packets of which are also pictured here. Think spring!


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Michele; Love your seed packets, they are really very pretty. The plates are so cute you are very creative. I love reading your post's and your ideas. just so great.

Have a great week.


Laura said...

I LOVE vintage seed packets and gardening!! Thank you for posting.