Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Backgrounds...Again!

You might notice that my pictures have once again taken on a different look and feel. It was very nicely suggested by Sadie of Lollishops fame (she really is a remarkable person!) that I update my jewelry settings. So, I did some homework, looked at what other people were doing, and changed the settings. I thought the old books (I just love the look and feel of old books--more on that another time) set off the beautiful colors of the jewelry and gave the jewelry a Victorian/antique feeling. Of course, the fun things that I've been working on specifically for Lollishops as you can see below have been nestled in glass bead "pearls" inside a cupcake liner. What could be more fun or show the spirit of Lollishops more than a cupcake? I'm pleased with the outcome. Thanks for the gentle nudge, Sadie!


Sadie said...

I love that people are receptive to someone else's perception and constructive advice. It's really hard to know if someone is going to be sensitive about their photos and then resent you for making anything but glowing comments--thanks for being humble and open. Your pictures on the old books give your jewelry a really timeless, classic appeal.
Love it!
~Sadie Lou

Gail said...

Hi Michele,
Thanks for following my blog, yours is lovely and so is your jewelry!

She Who Runs Amok said...

They look great! both the books and the pearls/cupcake liner show off the jewellery beautifully!