Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Little Bite in the Air

It's not a big one...just a little bite! Today I've noticed for the first time a tiny--ever so tiny--bite of autumn in the air. The air was dry, the sky clear, and the temperature was quite comfortable. Winter is pretty; spring is invigorating; and summer is exciting;...but autumn...ah, autumn is warm and mellow and has to be my favorite time of year. The reds, golds, and oranges of the season are gorgeous. It is neither cold nor hot. Sweaters are just right to wear and having a cup of tea during the day somehow seems more refreshing and desirable with a little crispness in the air. Despite the ragweed floating around (sniffle, sniffle), the end of August and month of September, I am convinced, is the best time to be in Wisconsin. Wisconsin shows its true beauty in the fall. Okay, I won't hurry the inevitable arrival of fall just yet. I shall enjoy my rose bushes (now that those Japanese Beetles have finally exited them for the year) and pansies while I can, but rest assured more on autumn will be said in the next few weeks!

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