Friday, August 1, 2008

Door County, Wisconsin

Just got back from a few days of R&R in Door County, Wisconsin--the tip-of-the-peninsula county that juts into Lake Michigan. We camped at Peninsula State Park (the price is right, the location is perfect, the showers are hot, and the toilets flush) which is by Fish Creek. I would recommend a stay in Door County to anyone. It is almost as if we cross the county line and the stresses of normal life simply drop there at the "Door County" sign. Life is slower there, less complicated. If you aren't into camping, rest assured there are many quaint inns and motels to stay at. Thankfully there are no big box places above Sturgeon Bay. Some say that the atmosphere and look of the area is similar to the coast of New England. Sail boats bounce on the waves of Lake Michigan (Green Bay side!). Flowers bloomed everywhere in every color of the rainbow. The cedar trees gave off their subtle scents. The sunsets are spectacular. The shops, oh the shops...antique shops, gift shops, specialty shops,! A very yummy place in Door County is Grandma's Bakery at the Wagon Trail Resort which has THE most fabulous sticky cinnamon rolls (see picture above). Best I've ever had. The recipe unfortunately is a secret. My hands down most favorite shop though is the Door County Coffee and Tea Company in Carlsville. They have a beautiful store where half of the store is a tea room, and the other half contains garden accessories, home decor, tea books, in-house specialty coffee beans, curds and jellies, and lots of beautiful, elegant tea cups, pots, pretty napkins, and accessories. Fabulous and a "must stop" if you are driving through!

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