Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A New Chair for a Song

I finally...yes, finally...finished this chair.  It didn't take long.  The hard part was just taking the time to finish it.  The chair was a $1 find in all of its dark stained wood and orange and yellow striped glory.  The arms came off (not problem). 
A couple of coats of ivory paint took care of the dark wood stain (perhaps it needs a little sanding to give it a "roughed up" look though).  Our walls are ivory, so the chair had to be ivory. 
The braid was a thrift store find (it was in a bag of other notions for a few dollars).  The pretty green material was the end bits of a roll of material found at a different thrift store for $5.  I'm thrilled that there is some still left, since it's so pretty and versatile.  It will await a future project.  Anyway, with a hot glue gun and a staple gun, this was easy to do and finish.  Now we have a "new" chair in our bedroom! 

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