Friday, March 14, 2014

Bluebird of Happiness

What a delight it was to see this sweet little bluebird sitting in my cherry tree this afternoon! 
After such a long, cold winter, it is so nice to see all of the birds returning.  There are many now, and to hear their birdsong when stepping outside is wonderful.  We saw our first robin just this past week.  Spring really is on its way.  Do you want another delight?  Follow this link and watch a sweet hummingbird and her nest of three eggs. 
The live camera keeps an eye on this little family and their nest attached to a rose bush is in Orange County, California.  We have this cam link up on our computer during the day and keep our eye on this little lady and her eggs.  I can't wait until my hummers return--but not for another month or so. 

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NICE and I hope my bluebirds come back! I saw a robin last week and hear them singing :)
Your hat pins are so sweet!
Happy weekend.