Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Lamp....Again

I really was content with the lamp I found at the thrift store a few weeks back.  I truly was content.  THEN...we went to a thrift/charity shop yesterday, and I found the **perfect** lamp for a song. 

It is the exact style I was looking for, only I think this is prettier than I imagined.  The glass shade looks like a flower.  The brushed brass goes with our living room rug.  It is the right size--small but with a good, strong light.  I'm thrilled!!

On the way out of the store with lamp in hand, and a few other ladies were commenting on it wishing they had seen it first!  Yes, I'm very pleased and feel like I will be doing my needlework in the evenings in style.

Also, this tin was at the same store.  I have a few of these (in red, blue, and green), only not in this color (brown) nor large size.  It's about 6" tall.  It was only 25 cents.  What a deal!

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Love your lamp! Perfect!
I think floor lamps are great. I have 2 in my living room!