Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrift Shop Finds

Today was a discount day at the thrift shop in town.  I just love discount days...but I so rarely actually make it to them...busy with school and such, you know.  However, I was able to go today and snagged some pretty and useful things for a song.

This is a wreath with beautiful plastic leaves on it.  I'm sure I'll have a purpose for this come fall.  It could use a good cleaning, but each of these leaves are on wire and will be very useful in the future, I'm sure.

Then there are these pretty, old spoons.  I have been looking for more to make some ornaments with, and these have a nice pattern on the ends and a pretty worn patina.

This is two strips of gold trim--one thinner and decorative and one with tassels.  Trim is expensive to buy outright, and I will certainly find uses for these pieces.  I may have enough to do a chair that desperately needs to be recovered and re-trimmed (yes, the chair I am sitting on!). 

This last thing is a dish that I do not need...but I love it.  It is perfect for pickles or sugar cubes or some other little bits. 

The cobalt and roses are so pretty together as well as the gold accents and scalloped shape of the dish.

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Amy said...

I have 4 pieces of the blue and floral dishes.I too fell in love with the cobalt blue and the roses.I hope to find some more soon.