Friday, February 24, 2012

Springtime Giveaway Jubilee

Sarah at Hope in Every Season is having a Spring Giveaway Jubilee starting on March 1.  You may either simply enter all the giveaways or further participate by actually giving something away yourself.  Why not join the fun?  The more people who participate in the giveaway part the merrier.  I'll be working on something this weekend to give--something spring, I'm thinking, like since I'm very ready for springtime.  Hope on over to Sarah's blog (links above) for all the details.


Anonymous said...

i'm having a giveaway myself to celebrate 200 followers...think i might link up to hers!

Mrs Sarah Coller said...

Thank you so much, Michele, for posting this! I'm hoping to have a great big wonderful giving party all month long!

Have a lovely weekend!