Friday, September 3, 2010

400th Post Interpretative Swap and Giveaway

Time to get your button jars out and find some of your most interesting buttons. I decided to have some fun for my 400th post and this is it....

I'm going to host an interpretative button swap. You will find one button representing what each month of the year MEANS TO YOU and send the 12 buttons to your partner telling her (or him, I suppose) why you chose each button. For my picture above....

January--rhinestone button that looks like a firework to celebrate New Years
February--heart button for Valentine's Day
March--button with music notes for when we start to hear the birds sing in the spring
April--swirly blue button for all the rain we usually get in April
May--green flower button...the green grass and flowers are out in full
June--time to find sea shells on the beach
July--the roses and flowers are beautiful this time of year
August--memories of being on "the boat" with my grandparents in Maine
September--a letter "A"...time for school
October--big round orange pumpkins
November--a wooden button...all we see is wood on the trees now, no leaves
December--a clear, icy-looking button for all the snow and ice that comes

Now, your reasons and representative buttons can be completely different...perhaps you got married in October so you would have a pearl button like your dress had; maybe you celebrate Hanukkah and have a blue and silver button for December; or a swirly button for September to represent all the hurricanes you've seen. You get the idea! This swap is meant to be fun, interpretative, inexpensive, and creative!

Rules: Email me at with your 1) name, 2) address, 3) blog address, and 4) whether you are willing to ship internationally. That's it! Sign up is until midnight September 19th. I'll send out your partner's info to you sometime on Monday, September 20th. Please mail out your buttons and explanations no later than September 27th.

From all those who participate, I will choose a name to give the above buttons to (so they will receive 24 buttons...hooray!). AND...from all those who participate...I will choose a name and give away this....

....a "silver" beaded teapot with blue flowers brooch. Please e-mail to participate or with any questions and let's celebrate with some fun! Feel free to grab the button picture to place on your blog if you wish to spread the word.

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