Monday, August 9, 2010


I've been reading lately in the Old Testament...specifically in II Chronicles and have been amazed at the instances where a king of Judah may have done right all his life, but at the end of his life he got mixed in with the wrong people (like the king of Israel) or decided to do some wrong things (like worship an idol instead of God) and how the next king of Judah--his son--interestingly ended up being an unrighteous king doing all sorts of things he shouldn't. This son would then have many difficulties or have a short life, and his actions and attitude affected a whole group of people.
Of course, anyone who reads the experiences of the Jews in the Old Testament knows that if they did right and served God--things went well...amazingly well. If they fell into disobedience and sin--things didn't go well. How the people acted influenced the whole nation.
My husband and I found out this past weekend some seriously sad and disturbing news about a lady we know very well. She has done many things over many years that are very, very wrong...and she doesn't feel badly at all! No repentance for her actions (though I truly hope and pray that this will ultimately come despite the damage that has already been done). It's amazing how we were deceived for years thinking one thing about her and now realizing she was living a very different life. But, now that we know the truth about her...ahhh...things are making sense to us. Like some of the things her family has been through. Like, the lives of her children today, and their rejection of God. You can't fool children, and they grew up knowing things that we all didn't and saw the hypocrisy and deception. No wonder they don't want to serve God. Mom pretended to the world and lived a different life behind closed doors. What a fake! Her actions have not only influenced her family, but us, her entire family, and many, many others.
If nothing else, this all has been teaching me how important it is to be careful of what I do and what I say. We all have more influence on more people than we realize. One sin or sinful act that I do today could affect my family, extended family, and the lives of my children permanently for their entire lives. This is scary! Such responsibility! The consequences could ripple on for years! People only think of themselves and the situation at hand not about the lives that will be affected....and not to mention responsibility to God in the end--the ultimate consequential revelation and payment (Hebrews 9:27 " is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment...").


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence as I have been reading & studying Chronicles for some strength to deal with a very bad situation with a neighbor.
I have prayed for him even though I would rather not.....
Yep, I always call it "what goes around..comes around"!!
Wonderful post!!

Marydon said...

This is sad it has affected even you all ... pray for her & her family, lift them all to the Lord & ask for healing.

I think we all make mistakes that we wish we could change or not have done, our conscience getting the best of us ... some do not.

Have a lovely summer's day ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Kelly said...

It's a sad thing when others do harmful things, but remember it's not our place to judge and you must forgive her. You cannot know her mind and what drove her to do the things she did.

People are flawed and they err, thankfully God forgives and that is divine.