Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Happenings

First of all, I'd like to thank Sadie of Lollishops for putting my shop on the Lollishops front page this past weekend! I was surprised and delighted and thankful to see my shop up and for the exposure. Thanks, Sadie!
Mom and I went to a couple of estate sales where I found some sparkles to sell in my shops and these two beauties...actually something for myself!
This first little creamer hails from Germany and has the sweetest roses on the front. I also love the frilly lace look along the edges of the piece. I'm eager for my roses to bloom so that I may cut them and put them into this. I think it will look beautiful.
Then this was sitting on a shelf--I couldn't believe no one had picked it up yet. It is in perfect condition, and, of course, the pattern matches the Old Country Roses pattern I'm trying to economically collect at thrift stores and estate sales. I have another teacup in this pattern--but not this style. I like how the inside of the cup is full of roses which is quite different from my other teacup. There is nothing like taking a sip of tea and seeing a beautiful pattern while sipping.
I finished the Petite May Basket Swap basket for my partner, Tracy of Cotton Pickin Cute, and have shipped it out to her. No pictures yet since I don't want to spoil her surprise, but once I know she has it I will post some pictures of what I sent her. I hope she likes it. It was fun to do.
I was up late Saturday night on this computer, and the screen started doing strange movements. I thought my eyes were unusually tired. The pictured continued to move which made me nervous, so I stood up and noticed that our monitor was smoking! Oh, no! My husband who had already gone to bed came running out and knew all of the things to unplug. Whew! I'm thankful--very thankful--that I was still up...that we hadn't gone for the evening....that my husband was home who knew what to do...the Lord took care of us! I have never heard of a computer monitor catching on fire before, but that one was quickly on its way. I'm grateful that what could have been bad a bad situation was taken care of by the Lord. We had a "spare" downstairs which I'm using now. I'm thankful for that too.
Oh, here is a screen shot of the Lollishops front page in case you'd like to see that I really was on the front page there!


Melissa said...

I love teacups, teapots, and the little milk pitchers. You have some lovely pieces.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love the rose pattern on your teacup and saucer! What a great find and that it was in great shape. I bought two mini teacups and saucers at one time from Good will, also in great shape. They are waiting for me to make into pincushions.

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Michele. I can't believe that I did a swap with you and have never even seen your blog before. Bad me! I love it and all your fabulous creations. Talent is overflowing at your house. I'm looking forward to coming back and visiting often.

Just wanted to let you know I posted out your sweet basket tonight and it's scheduled to show in the morning.

Enjoy your weekend. Hugs...Tracy :)