Friday, August 13, 2010

Bead Swap Posts--#1

Cassandra at My Artful Adventures (a beautiful, beautiful blog if you've never visited before) hosted a fabulous bead swap in which I participated. We had to exchange with three other partners a decorated box filled with 1 focal piece, 25 pretty beads, and 5 special beads that suited the color taste of each partner. My swap partners were just amazing to say the least, and they sent me the prettiest beads. I had a good time putting their boxes together. It was fun to try to find the perfect beads to match their individual tastes--like a treasure hunt really. In this post I am going to show pictures of what I sent to my partners. Then I will do posts today and tomorrow about what my partners sent to me.

I took individual purple boxes for all of them and lined them with coordinating pretty paper. Then I decorated the tops a little bit differently for each person (this is just one example). I put pink tissue paper in each just to make sure the beads were secure and didn't break during shipment.

This box of beads was full of pinks, whites, and soft blues and had vintage beads, aurora borealis beads, aurora borealis buttons, flower beads, lampwork beads, and a vintage focal piece that had a small rhinestones and a pearl.

This box of beads had turquoise, light green, aqua, and a hint of pink that included a focal piece that was originally a piece of china, vintage beads, flower beads, iridescent fish beads, rhinestone buttons for sparkle, lampwork, flower inlaid, stone, and crystal beads.

This box of beads had purples, blues, and reds. It had beads that looked like pieces of wrapped candy, flowers, vintage beads, shiny rhinestone buttons, beads that changed colors in your hand (you can see those at the bottom left), and a vintage brooch/pendant focal piece that was gold tone with a purple stone in the center.


Anonymous said...

What a riot of beautiful inspirational colors!! It just makes my eyes happy to see all the beauty!
Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Cassandra said...

Thanks so much for joining! I am so glad you enjoyed the swap! :)